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Enrollment Process

*All enrollments are done manually through our Facebook page messenger or DM via Instagram*

1. Payment first basis prior booking of sessions.

2. Check our available schedules and agree with our terms/conditions.

3. Pay your enrollment fee via bank deposit/transfer.

4. Send us a copy of your proof of payment via facebook messenger or Instagram chat.

5. Register your payment and book your actual session via a link we will provide in the messenger.

6. Attend your actual booked session and the coach who will handle your session will text you the day before your session. 


1. Pool fee is excluded from your enrollment fee (onsite payment):

  • Galleria Townhomes: 150 pesos per session. *Additional 50 pesos if you will take 2 sessions straight 3 hours in 1 visit. 
  •  Patio Isabel: 200 pesos per visit.
  • Antel Spa Residence: 250 pesos per session.
  • Divenet: 300 pesos per session.
  • Plunge Dive Club: 400 pesos per visit.

*** Pool fee per visit means you can take 2 straight sessions, 3 hours straight, in 1 meeting just paying the pool fee once. Pool fee per sessions means, you’ll need to pay 2x the pool fee if you choose to take 2 sessions in 1 meeting.***

2. Rescheduling rules and guidelines:

– Rescheduling is allowed if done 2 days prior to the scheduled session. Example: If your session is on Saturday, you can request for a rescheduling until Thursday only. 

– A rescheduling fee of 200 pesos per session and per person will apply if you fail to reschedule your session 2 days before the scheduled session.

– Failure to attend the session is considered void already, rescheduling fee will apply if you wish to avail that missed session.

3. Swim goggles is required and all students should be in proper swimming attire. Rash guard, swim suit, jammers, swim trunks, cycling shorts and/or leggings. Swim caps are optional. 

4. Enrollment fees are non refundable but transferable. 

5. Open for students ages 15 years old and above only.  

Send us a picture copy/screenshot of the transaction you made as a proof of payment. Details should include our account number, an amount, date and a reference number of the transaction.