Free Trial - basic swimming for adults

It’s never too late to learn how to swim regardless of your age. We’ll let you experience FOR FREE the actual day one of every session of our swimming lesson. Set for 1 hour duration, you’ll get to know our coach and the feel of the learning environment we have in Swim Central. 


(31st Floor, Antel Spa Residence, General Luna corner Makati Ave, Poblacion Makati)


Enrollment process

1. Payment first basis prior booking of session. Pool fee payment only of 250 pesos.

2. Read and agree with our terms and conditions.

3. Pay for your pool fee via bank deposit or online fund transfer. You can see our payment options below this page.

4. Attend your actual booked session. Our assigned coach will text you the day before your session and you can contact them directly.

Terms and Conditions

1. Rescheduling is not allowed and pool fee payment is non refundable.

2. Swim goggles is required and all students should be in proper swimming attire. Swim caps are optional. 

3. Officially enrolled students are only allowed in the pool vicinity. Any form of companion is not allowed. 

4. All photos and videos taken by your coaches could be utilized in all media forms, for promotional purposes and for the students’ own use. 

5. Our partner venues are separate entities from Swim Central and reserve the right to reserve privately their venues on their own discretion.

Send us a picture copy/screenshot of the transaction, via messenger or IG, as a proof of payment. Details should include our account number, an amount, date and a reference number of the transaction. Write your name on the deposit slip if done manually or put your name on the remarks for online fund transfer.