Regular Rate: Php 1,200.00 per session/person (2 hours duration)

This is a 1 on 1 coaching or a private group class set up. Choose the type of session that’s suited to your goals why do you want to learn to swim. Is it for travel and recreational reasons or for fitness and health related matter. Talk to us and we’ll provide the right session for you.

Each students has a different learning capacity. So depending on your goal and learning curve we can base there how many sessions you’ll need. For survival session, allot at least 1 session and 3-4 sessions for the swim strokes (freestyle and breaststroke). Schedules can be pre-arranged depending on your availability and locations or you can just choose among our available schedules allotted for private class.  

Enrollment process

1. Check our available schedules allotted for private class in our partner venues.

2. If you prefer another venue or timeslots not stated on our calendar, you may request your preferred schedule and this will be subject for approval based on our availability. Fill out this google form for your request and coordinate with us thru facebook or instagram for the approval of your request.

3. Read and agree with our terms and conditions.

4. Pay for your enrollment fee via bank deposit or online fund transfer. You can see our payment options below this page.

– For those who would avail the schedules stated in our calendar for the private class, you can pay right away as long as it is marked “available” and send us a copy of your proof of payment via our facebook or instagram account. Then, we’ll send you the booking form to secure your slot. This will be on a payment first basis and first come first serve.

– For those who will request for another venue or timeslots, you will need to manually coordinate with us thru facebook or instagram for the approval of your requested schedule. Once it’s approve, we’ll give you a go signal thru FB/IG so that you can pay and secure your schedule. 

5. Attend your actual booked session. Our assigned coach will text you the day before your session and you can contact them directly.

Terms and Conditions

1. Pool fee is excluded from your enrollment fee (onsite payment):

  • Galleria Townhomes and Patio Isabel: 150 pesos
  • Antel Spa Residence: 250 pesos
  • Divenet: 300 pesos
  • Aquamundo & Plunge Dive Club: 400 pesos

2. If the student has a own preferred pool venue outside our regular venues, the student should be the one to secure all the necessary permit and ensure the availability of the pool on the scheduled session. Pool fee for the coach, if any, will be shouldered by the student.

3. Rescheduling is not allowed.

4. Payment first basis prior to booking of sessions.

5. Swim goggles is required and all students should be in proper swimming attire. Rash guard, swim suit, jammers, swim trunks, cycling shorts and/or leggings. Swim caps are optional. Any kind of cotton shirt and board shorts are not allowed.

6. Enrollment fees are non refundable but transferable. 

7. All photos and videos taken by your coaches could be utilized in all media forms, for promotional purposes and for the students’ own use. 

8. Our partner venues are separate entities from Swim Central and reserve the right to close their venues on their own discretion.

Send us a picture copy/screenshot of the transaction you made as a proof of payment. Details should include our account number, an amount, date and a reference number of the transaction. Write your name on the deposit slip if done manually or put your name on the remarks for online fund transfer.