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Dive into the lifestlye of swimming!

Basic Swimming Program

This is our complete package  exclusively for adults and it’s open for beginners even with zero based knowledge in swimming.

Lesson: 1 Swim Stroke of your choice, either freestyle or breaststroke, and Survival Swimming Swim.

Php 2,999.00 for a total of 6 sessions (1.5 hours/session). 

– 4 swim stroke session.

– 2 survival swimming session.

Survival Swimming

Ideal for travel enthusiast who wants to enjoy more the beaches and overcome their fears in deep waters.

Lesson: Floating and Water Treading.

Php 1,299.00 for 2 sessions (1.5 hours/session).

Private Class

One on one coaching or private group set up at the convenience of your own pool and schedule.

Lesson: Freestyle swim, Breaststroke and Floating/Treading

Php 1,200.00/session (2 hours)

Try Freediving Class

City Dive for basics and introduction of freediving skills. Free rental of mask, snorkel and fins. Lesson: Physiology of breathe holding, equalization, free immersion, finning and duckdive Php 2,000.00 for 3 hours session
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